Lenore Sempert

Works on Paper
Abstract Collages

Art on the web breaks down barriers of time and space. Showcasing my work on my website is a unique opportunity to connect without boundaries.

My paintings on paper are unified by color to express experiences of nature and space — real and imagined.

They are expansive in intent, celebrating light, which illuminates and contains color.

In these paintings, I have captured strong experiences of nature, the seasons and special places.

Many of the paintings are inspired by traveling. Art takes us outside of our everyday experience, like travel. Starting a painting is like a journey.

Visual images are captured by memory and translated into the surface of a piece of paper or canvas. The images combine a reality with imagination and abstraction.

The goal is to create paintings that breathe and expand the space around them.

The fields of color become a landscape of dreams.

My collages use found materials as a source of inspiration and inventiveness.

Each piece has its own reason for being and brings with it a new awareness.